Special Events at Orenda Springs

The special events are opportunities that bring people together that may have never met before. Experiences foster a deeper understanding of self, others, and nature. Each group costs $20/day which covers all equipment and supplies. Contact Lori Tucker at 315-673-9818 for more information.



Art & Nature Program

• Grades K-8, divided into 3 groups

• Develop observational skills immersed in nature

• Share and receive specific positive feedback 

• Learn self-expression through art



Grades K-2, 8-10am

Grades 3-5, 10:30-12:30pm

Grades 6-8, 1-3pm




Outdoor Survival Skills Program

• Grades 5-12

• Learn to build a shelter, start a fire & survival skills

• Develop knowledge of nature, identifying trees & animals

• Orienteer with a compass & topographical map


Tuesdays 10am-12pm


Climbing & Belaying Skills Program

• Grades 5-12

• Training program for employment at Orenda Springs

• Knot tying, use of equipment

• Hone climbing techniques

• Learn multiple forms of belaying


Thursdays 10am-12pm