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Carnegie 1/18/08


Today is my last day and I am sad to go.  I know I'm moving on to make my life better.  I used so much cooperation today, I feel proud of myself.  I know it's time to go.  I had a great experience.  Thank you so much.

I would like to thank everyone for this experience and I am truthfully thankful.  At first it started out as me coming here to get out of school.  Then it became like a family.  We argued sometimes, but in the end we all came together.  I would especially thank the staff of Orenda Springs, because without them I would not have had this wonderful experience.  I will miss everyone.  Thank you and farewell.

I used cooperation with others that I don't know so good.

After cleaning the horses stalls I have noticed that I used a lot of lifeskills.  I used trust when I touched the shocking rope, I used effort when I was cleaning the horse dookie, and I used cooperation when I was working on the stalls with everyone else.

I showed initiative when I got the wheel barrel to get the wood chips.

Today I used a sense of humor because we laughed and made fun of each other just for fun.

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