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Carnegie High School

Student Quotes

"I showed leadership by asking everyone to watch their language."

"I showed perseverance when I was cold and kept moving instead of quitting."

"I showed courage by riding the horse."

"I've learned how to work as a team."

"I thought I wouldn't be able to ride a horse, but I faced my fears and did it today."

"There was much friendship between people while we went skiing."

"I learned about myself that I could get along with people that I never thought I would."

"I learned how to work better with other people."

"I learned how to have courage when riding a horse."

"I want to learn new things, and teach other people the things that I learned and to pass it down to them."

"I learned how to overcome things and how to trust."

"So far, I learned leadership and responsibility."

"I had the courage to do something I never did before."

"I hope to be someone in life, not on the block.  I want a job. I want a car. And I want to be someone.  That's why I'm here."

"I learned how not to yell and to be calm."

"I learned how to help others without getting mad."

"While skiing it showed courage because I fell a lot."

"I am here because I want to learn how to trust in myself and try new things."

"It (skiing) actually made me feel good and perseverance came into play when we were going up the hill I pushed myself to keep going.  We all worked together and we all finished together.  That's the most important thing.  I look forward to coming back."

"I learned trust when my classmates were by my side and helped me when I needed help."


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