Orenda Springs Homeschool Academy, OSHA, will provide a pioneering, holistic educational experience where students who are Homeschooled throughout Central New York will grow together through experiential and adventure learning. Merging 21st century learning with the natural world, students will become lifelong learners and contributing members of their communities.


Calendar and Cost

Price: $300/per semester
Deposit: $150 due the week of registering, remaining $150 due by July 30th
Held: Tuesdays, September 17th- November 19th

Minimum Age: 11 Years
Time: 9:30am-2:00pm











Enrollment will be limited and based on date of deposit.





Our Focus

Leadership, Nature studies, work with the horses, ropes course, survival skills, team building, mountain biking, and more as weather permits.  

A literature component will be woven in, students will have a weekly journal entry as well as a reflection on their time at Orenda that can be expressed in whatever form the parents and student decide.  We will offer an Open Barn Day on Tuesday, May 28th from 1-2:30pm where parents can come to hear about their child’s time at Orenda and tour the property with their kids.




Orenda Springs Homeschool Academy

















~ Character Education

Students will learn and practice character building LIFESKILLS daily to build resilience and confidence. Activities include horses, ropes course, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, orienteering and lots of hiking.




~Whole Child Wellness

OSHA will incorporate into its lessons physical, social and emotional skill-building, recognizing the many dimensions of student wellness and success.




~Experiential Instruction with Nature

OSHA students will “learn by doing” and be active participants in their environment-based education.





~Safe, Supportive, Stimulating School Culture

OSHA will offer a positive school climate that will celebrate diversity and provide the foundation for our educational programming.





~Individual and Group Reflections

OSHA will offer opportunities for students to reflect on their own personal growth both individually and with group.












~Leadership Training

OSHA will provide leadership training and opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership skills to other diverse education communities. 






Payment Options

• Check made out to Orenda Springs note “OSHA” and what session and mailed to:

Orenda Springs, 4939 Lawless Rd, Marcellus, NY 13108

• Paypal payment sent to through the Friends and Family option

*please add a note to the payment indicating your and your child’s first and last name.

We greatly appreciate one of the above methods being used for payment (Please do NOT hand JP or Allison any cash or checks at pick up or drop off)

Contact John Powers for more information