Orenda Springs Homeschool Academy, OSHA, will provide a pioneering, holistic educational experience where students who are Homeschooled throughout Central New York will grow together through experiential and adventure learning. Merging 21st century learning with the natural world, students will become lifelong learners and contributing members of their communities.


Calendar and Cost

Price: $280/per semester
Deposit: $50 due upon completion of the registration
Remaining cost: Due in full before September 11th
Refund: prorated refund available if program is discontinued at the prompting of parents or Orenda Springs
Grades: 6-12
Length: 14 weeks
Day of week: Tuesday
Time: 9:30am-2:30pm
Fall Semester: September 11th-December 11th
Spring Semester: January 29nd-May 14th (no school Feb 19th or April 16th)











Enrollment will be limited and based on date of deposit.





Classrooms in theWoods

Nestled on 130 acres of land in the hills of Marcellus, NY, only 10 minutes west of Syracuse, the unique setting at OSHA allows for the education of children in innovative and engaging experiential ways that are often difficult, if not impossible, in a traditional brick and mortar school setting.

OSHA will be incorporating science, language arts, physical education, art, and touch on history and mathematical principles in projects during the semester.

The OSHA approach to education is one that aligns with but reaches beyond the NYS Common Core Standards. OSHA will offer our unique student population, drawn from Central New York, an educational opportunity that will increase academic success, facilitate physical and mental health, inspire exploration, and develop social skills and emotional regulation. This experiential learning environment will enable students from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds who value a homeschooled education to thrive in an atmosphere that is conducive to their learning style. Our key design elements are:



Orenda Springs Homeschool Academy

















~ Character Education

Students will learn and practice character building LIFESKILLS daily to build resilience and confidence. Activities include horses, ropes course, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, orienteering and lots of hiking.




~Whole Child Wellness

OSHA will incorporate into its lessons physical, social and emotional skill-building, recognizing the many dimensions of student wellness and success.




~Experiential Instruction with Nature

OSHA students will “learn by doing” and be active participants in their environment-based education.  OSHA staff will coordinate the student’s curriculum with their parent’s instruction.





~Safe, Supportive, Stimulating School Culture

OSHA will offer a positive school climate that will celebrate diversity and provide the foundation for our educational programming.





~Student Portfolios & Self-assessment

OSHA will offer performance tasks to monitor student development, and promote student self-evaluation on their own progress.






Our Belief

The Iroquois, the Native Americans in our region, believe a supernatural force is present in nature that gives people the power to positively change themselves and their surroundings. They call this force Orenda. Drawing upon this belief that nature can be powerful in helping individuals reach their fullest potential, OSHA will utilize its unique location and resources to provide students with an educational experience that empowers them to believe in their own ability and develops their intrinsic motivation to be their best. This self-motivation is directly linked to long-term student success.





~Leadership Training

OSHA will provide leadership training and opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership skills to other diverse education communities. 






Open House

Date: August 7, 2018

Time: 3:00-5:00

Bring outdooor clothing for hiking and exploring our 140 acre classroom.

Contact John Powers for more information