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EL Boys to Men Camp

Rites of Passage


Lessons learned:

"I can survive without electronics."

"I learned how to use a map & compass."

"I learned how to use a GPS."

"I learned how to figure out North, West, East & South at night time."

"I learned how to find my way in the woods."

"I learned how to become a man."

"I learned how to overcome my fear."

"I learned how to let students struggle with their fears and overcome some of them on their own. Sometimes the per pressure they face can cause them to accomplish something positive.  This was a positive experience for all of us."

"I learned you don't have to show off to be a man.  I also learned that teamwork and cooperation come in handy."

"I learned how to survive in a forest."

"I learned how to control my body better."

"I learned how to roll a sleeping bag."

"I learned how to go to the bathroom in the woods without having a bathroom."

"I learned about nature."

"I learned how to be brave."

"I learned my new name and love myself."

"I learned how the slaves followed the Big Dipper and the North Star.  I learned how to be a man. I really love it here."


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