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I had good perseverance when I couldn’t get up on my skis.  I had trust in my peers today and a good sense of humor when my peers were down and out.  I made some friendship on the trip.  I was falling down and getting over the cold.  I got over it when my peers were in front of me.  I was honest to myself and others.  I had patience on the trip with my peers and myself. I will be back next Friday.  Diamond

The effort of today started with the bus trip.  I had perseverance while I was skiing.  I showed flexibility with the stopping and starting.  I showed initiative by helping people up.  I learned what it is like to have friendship in my life. I learned to trust my skills.  I was caring while helping Diamond.  I showed cooperation with the rules.  I showed a sense of humor about people falling.  I showed problem solving as well as creativity. I showed curiosity about the horses.  I got over it by ignoring pain.  David Hill

Today was a magnificent day.  Anyways, we started off by going up to the cabin where my initiative was to be inside first.  After awhile we got ready and left, got our skis and went on our journey.  Out of pure curiosity I wondered which path we were taking today so I asked.  Anyways, I used my perseverance by going up and down hills, and I used tons of effort and cooperation going speeding downhill, but during all of that I went crashing into the snow which is when I used my sense of humor and laughed it off.  Then it had to be very patient and use my patience and wait for the beginners and me being a caring person I helped out.  Nate Flagg


We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will remember the lessons learned to be successful. 

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